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YES! You heard it right! You can use the party cart at your next function for free. provides it for free! You must reserve it at the left. The party cart is ready to come to your event for a custom planned party for your friends and family. Click the link to the left called "Reserve Your Party Cart Here" and plan your party. 

Do you have a gathering coming up? If "yes", you need the party cart driven to your event and set up to get the party rolling. Think of your event, then let us do the rest.

The party cart has the following features:

* CO2 Draft Beer Tap
* Meat Smoker
* Charcoal Grill
* Gas Grill
* 6 Burner Stove
* Oyster/Seafood Steamer
* Kitchen Sink
* Coolers for storage
* Umbrellas and tents to shield from the weather
* Chafing dishes to serve food

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